Saturday, June 9, 2012

Picture Dump

Ah! Another week has come and gone and Lane hasn't been here for most of it. Luckily for him he had a few flights this week, so he was able to get out of the office - finally! I know he's been ready to get back in the plane, but it means I've had long nights this week because his flights have been later in the afternoon/evening. I never knew I could look forward to a weekend like I am these days!
June 3 - The table at IKEA that I've been eyeing for years now. I was showing Lane online and saw that it was on sale. I quickly made a {solo} trip to IKEA to make my purchase!
June 4 - The kid won't stop rolling over in the middle of the night - I've still only seen him roll over once, but I put him back on his belly at least once a night. When I put him on  his belly, he slammed his thumb into his mouth to go back to sleep.

June 4 - Eden was obviously excited to hold Hunter! I love them together.
June 5 - Eden and Hunter laying on their new blankets. Lane's Aunt Marie sent them to us and Eden was super excited to try them out!
June 6 - I took the kids to a play date at a friend's house this week. Here are the 2 babies laying down enjoying "small people time" and their siblings came to join them. Hunter is at the top, Eden is a blur on the right because I didn't snap the picture quick enough, Luke (5 months old) is across from Hunter, and Max (3 years old) is laying down so perfectly for the picture!
June 6 - As I was getting the kids ready for bed I let Eden decide how bath time would go. She decided that Hunter would get a solo bath while she watched a show and then she and I took a shower. This is how she thought the night would end - her sleeping in Daddy's spot {because he still wasn't home from a late flight}. 
June 7 - Hunter fell asleep in his car seat at our friends house. What else did we expect, he was still in his jammies!
June 7 - The picnic table is stained and ready to go! All we need now is Daddy to get home from work at a reasonable hour so he can put it together for us.

June 8  - The picnic table is all put together and my {$99} IKEA umbrella is perfect for it! {Please note that my worst fear came true...I forgot to double and triple check that I had stained all the boards and there were 2 that I left out...BOO!}
June 9 - Hunter was more tired than I thought. I let him hang out on the changing table of his pack-n-play and he pulled the burp cloths over his head and went to sleep.

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