Friday, June 22, 2012

Safari Park

Who would have thought that I would ever live within minutes of a safari park? Well folks, I do. And even better? It was a blast! We met 4 other moms and kids yesterday at the safari park and just took over with all of our strollers and made a morning of the park. There were lots of animals and we found a perfect place to picnic by the water. The ducks wanted to be fed, the kids wanted to feed them, and Eden is still talking about how much fun she had. I'm excited about it because I splurged and got the year pass for the park because it also includes the San Diego Zoo and we had already planned on meeting friends there tomorrow. With the 2 trips in one week and realizing yesterday that it's only about 15 minutes to the safari park the pass was well worth it for sure! {I even got a pass that is good for one guest to get in free with us...and Lane gets in free every time! Come on out to visit...we'll go to the zoo!}

*The pictures aren't that great. I forgot my good camera, so it's only what I could get on my phone.
Eden {holding on and looking under the fence} and Cael watching "the cat" jump and play as they were talking about it. 
Jenna and Eden in the egg/nest. This was across from "Timon" from the Lion King. Eden just started watching this movie this past weekend and asks to watch it every day. I was excited to be able to show her some of the animals in person at just the right time!

The gorillas were out. This was the Daddy? and the baby. The baby is standing at the base of the log almost directly under the ball {I told you, I only had my phone for pictures...this was the best I could get}. The baby kept jumping up and grabbing onto that ball and swinging from it.
The elephants. The little baby was just too cute! I loved that there were so many baby animals out.

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