Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday Picture Update

This week seemed to fly by! Lane only had a 3 day work week because of Memorial day, so my week was really thrown off. Thursday we went to a friends house for a "baby play date" and last night we went to a Padres game with Lane's squadron. All in all it was a busy week, but tons of fun!
May 28 - Our lime tree is producing fruit again! If you look in the center you'll see a lime. It's hard to see because it's in a shadow of a leaf, but it's there along with at least 20-30 more!
May 28 - Hunter is loving his bumbo seat! I can't believe he's big enough for it already. Well, almost, I still have to put a pillow behind him for when he gets tired and needs a rest.
May 29 - Yep, he did it. All on his own too! We've been waiting and waiting for him to roll over {he's been THIIIIIIIIS close for days now} and he did it in the middle of the night when no one was watching him! He still hasn't done it for the video camera either.
May 29 - Eden saying cheese for her first amusement park ride! She loved it and we'll be visiting Sea World again, I'm sure.
May 30 - A book I saw at Target that I wanted to remember to put on my kindle. Don't you just love technology? No more searching your purse {or diaper bag} for a pen and paper. Just take a picture with your cell phone!
May 30 - I got a canvas picnic tote at Target and embroidered it with my birthday present. I'm loving my machine more and more every day as I play with it and learn some of the different things I can do on it.
May 30 - A bib for Hunter. More fun with my machine. I'm thinking about selling these with burp cloths as a set. I might even sell the diaper clutch that I made too. I just have to decide how far in over my head I'm willing to get.
May 31 - Lane bought a new motorcycle back in March when my parents were here visiting and promised he'd be selling his old bike. In order to sell it he had to have some minor work done to it, pay it off {to make things easier}, and get the title from the state of Florida {which took at least 2 weeks because it was electronic and not a paper copy.} Ugh, all that had to be done and when it was, he listed the bike for sale. The first person to look at it fell in love with it and bought it for his son. Lane wasn't home to say goodbye to the bike when they came to pick it up, so I snuck a picture for him as they drove off. I think he was sad to see it go because I know he was disappointed that he wasn't here when they left with it. Let's be honest, there was a part of me that was sad to see it go!
June 1 - My little boy just sleeping so peacefully in my arms in the morning. I love his snuggles!
June 1 - Someone is ignoring me because she knows she's not supposed to be in Hunter's toy! When I asked her if she was supposed to be in the toy she said, "No way," so she knows and she does it anyways. One of those funny moments when all I could do was take a picture and ask her to get out...again... 
June 2 - Hunter in his stroller while we played at the playground. He's starting to notice his toys and grab at them if they're in his car seat with him. 
June 2 - Such a big boy. He's trying so hard here to stay awake while he's in his swing. I'm pretty sure his eyes closed in the same moment this picture was taken.
June 2 - Soaking in another toy while we ate dinner.

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