Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day

Lane and I don't really do much other than be super supportive and grovel all day on Mother's and Father's Days. This year I wanted to do for him what we did for my dad, but it seemed a little silly to ask Lane to take part in a gift that he would also get a version of later. Well, that's my excuse anyways! We got up extra early and made Lane some yummy honey bran muffins - his favorite. It has become somewhat of a tradition because he said something about liking them and I could never find them in the store. He didn't want any with dried fruit in them which was the problem. Well, being the great wife that I am, I started making them from scratch each year for Father's Day. It's probably the only time I get around to making them, but I make sure that he has them. This year was the first year that Eden had any interest in helping with them so I let her stand in a chair and help me put the ingredients into the mixer! Hunter sat in his car seat and watched us so he knows what he's in for in a few years. We've got to show him the ropes somehow! Eden loved helping and when Lane came downstairs she yelled very excitedly, "Daddy! I makin' muffins for you!" It was perfect.

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