Monday, June 4, 2012


I love to watch Eden love on Hunter. She's so sweet to him {most of the time} and she loves to help with him {most of the time.} She's not too into holding him anymore, but she's very into hugs, kisses, diaper changes, and everything else that Hunter requires. She's even interested in "feeding" her babies like Mommy feeds Hunter. Today she even told me when we were getting out of the car that she had just pumped milk for her baby! She's a little sponge and if you don't want her to repeat something you've said then you might as well just not talk at all! She'll surprise you completely with the things she remembers from random moments in time.

Hunter is also starting to notice Eden and he's loving every minute of when she's being sweet to him. He likes to "talk" to her when she's standing over him. When he does, Eden will say, "Mommy, he talk at me!" and the excitement is full circle with everyone involved! If Eden enters a room and Hunter sees her he makes sure to look at her and smile. It's amazing to me how sibling love is so instinctual! They just know how to love each other from the beginning.

{She actually asked to hold him, so I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let her!}
Aren't they just too cute together?! I feel like he's almost as big as she is these days. 

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