Thursday, June 14, 2012

15 Weeks Old

This week the kids have given me a run for my money. I had to run to the store for milk yesterday and I took Hunter with me because I just didn't have the heart to leave Lane with both kids. As I was on my way I called my parents because I needed advice on the best way to parent Eden {she intentionally pee'd on my bed and then pee'd in the toy room...again - but that's a whole other story!} and Hunter was screaming in the back seat. He's been sleeping well at night *knock on wood* but during the day is a whole new ball game. He had recently been taking a few morning cat naps here and there whenever he could catch a snooze, but in the past 3-ish days he's been refusing sleep all day. His afternoon naps have been lasting a few hours, but in the most recent days he's been sleeping for MAYBE an hour! That means that when bed time hits, bed time hits hard! Today and tonight were back to our "normal" so hopefully he's over his sleep refusal and we'll get back into our groove.

He still won't roll over for me during the day, but has no problem doing so at night. I roll him over at least once a night, but he won't roll over during the day when anyone can witness him rolling. If he gets mad while he's on his stomach he just gets as stiff as a board and screams at me until I roll him over. I even make him wait a few minutes to see if he'll roll on his own...nope! Because of this I try to make him nap on his back {or in his car seat} at least once a day in hopes that he'll learn to get comfortable on his back while he's sleeping. So far it's been a lost cause!


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