Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We Did It!

So, last year at our anniversary dinner, Lane and I decided we were going to run a marathon this November. We were going to have done a half marathon before our anniversary this year. Well, it didn't happen. I got pregnant and was told to not run in my first trimester - so I didn't really run at all during my pregnancy. Amazing how taking 12 weeks off will curb your motivation to continue! So why did I title this "We Did It!" then? Well, because I promised myself that this summer I would be back into running and that I would run a 5k. I had time to train and I knew it was going to be possible and it would be a good way to get me back into running.

Even better? The race was on our anniversary, so we were sort of living our last years goals this year. We might not have made it to the half or full marathon goals, but we did put forth the effort to do this run and stay active. We enjoyed the run as a family and it was fun {once we got there and I was over the fact that the alarm went off at 6am on a Saturday.} I love that we're showing our kids that being active is a great way to live your life. Our anniversary was a low-key, very pleasant day!
This is the official recorded times from the race. I placed 1088 out of 2573 racers and 64 out of 225 female runners in my age group. My time was 33:24 with a 10:44 minute mile pace. Though the time wasn't a great time I wanted to run the race in under 35 minutes and I was able to do that! We started the race in the third wave which was with the walkers because we had a stroller. The problem with this was that we had to weave in and out of all of the other racers in order to be able to run at all. About the first half mile was just trying to get to a point that running was possible. Slightly frustrating, but we eventually made it and then made a good pace. I had to pass the stroller off to Lane because we were running in grass for part of the race and I just couldn't push the stroller through the grass to save my life! I loved it and I'm trying to decide if I want to run another 5k or go ahead and start training for the 10k that I want to run...

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