Thursday, June 7, 2012

14 Weeks Old

Can it be true? Hunter is already 14 weeks old and growing faster and faster! He's awake most of the day these days with a few naps here and there. He's doing a great job {on most days} taking a long afternoon nap. This week has been very trying for me because he's wanting to nurse a lot. He's nursing about every 2 hours, and he's trying to in the middle of the night right now too. Last night in order to get him to go back to sleep when he woke up at 1 - which is totally not his norm! - I had to bring him to bed with me. Once he was cozy in bed he slept for a few hours and it allowed me to get some shut eye too. When I mention all the nursing he's doing recently to other people they are quick to remind me that babies hit a growth spurt around 3 months old. Guess how old Baby Hunter is? Yep, he's hitting that point that he's growing again! I love him to pieces and will take{a few} nights with waking hours as long as he's healthy and growing.

And this week, I promise, his out takes will not disappoint! I'm not sure if it's because I took the pictures first thing in the morning, or what, but he was in rare form! 

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