Saturday, July 7, 2012


I know I've been missing all week and I'm supposed to post my week of pictures today and my motherhood post tomorrow. Well, I have the best excuse {along with the worst one too} about why everything will be late. First off, Mimi and Pop got here on Tuesday and I drove to LA to get them. Wednesday was the 4th of July and we went to a friends' house for a shrimp boil. Thursday we went to the safari park with Mimi, Pop, and Daddy because Lane still hadn't ever had the chance to go with us and see Eden in love with all the animals. Next came Friday and we went to base to celebrate Lane's promotion to Captain. And best yet, lane and I are currently in the car on our way to our first ever {since kids} over night date night! Yes, we left the kids with Mimi and Pop and we're going to go on a wine tour by day and a casino by night before heading home to the rest of the family. I'm more than excited about this tonight, but I'm just as anxious about leaving the kids. I'm equipped with my ump and Mimi and Pop are equipped with plenty of frozen pumped milk. The bad excuse for being late with all of my posts? I thought I was going to be able to update from the car {which I obviously can} but I forgot the adapter to be able to put pictures on the iPad so they could go on the blog. Boo. I'm sad, but I have other things to worry which wine I'm going to bring home for Mimi for her birthday present and how much money I'm willing to drop into the slot machines before calling it a night! I've never been to a casino before! So, there you have it, I've been MIA again, but it's all for good reason! Oh...and my kitchen cabinets are being redone by yours truly and Mimi in the midst of all the other madness too! Yay!!!

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