Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jane Wayne Day

Mom was lucky enough to be here for my first Jane Wayne Day {JWD} and also lucky enough that it was on her birthday! This is a day that we get to enjoy "being a Marine" and do some of the fun things that they get to do on a daily basis. Some of the things our husbands had never done {like test a jet engine!} and probably won't get to do. We shot M16s at the range, we flew jet and C-130 simulators, got schooled by drill instructors, played with equipment, and got to see where they work all day long. The Family Readiness Officer {FRO} for Lane's squadron was nice enough to let Mom come along and enjoy spending her birthday as a Marine!
Heading out for a day of being Marines.
When the Drill Instructors came out. We knew at that point that our lives were about to get rough!
Being told what to do and what not to do...slightly intimidating to say the least!
Learning how to march in formation.
And we weren't supposed to run. Easier said than done!
We also weren't supposed to smile or laugh. Please take note of Katherine {the blonde in the shades} and then Angie behind her, followed by my mom and then me. None of us were able to contain ourselves!
Charity {the XOs wife} being yelled at for something. Who knows what, when I was yelled at it was for not walking a "natural walk" even though it wasn't far off of what I normally do anyways!
The Raider Family
"Testing" the jet engine. It was attached to this apparatus and they would fire it up and we were holding onto said apparatus.
The flame from the engine once it was fired up. The loudest, most odd feeling in the world. It was like your brain was being sucked through your nose. I've never felt pressure like that in my entire life and don't wish to do it ever, ever again. That being said, I'm glad we did it
Another view of the flame.
The engine.

Angie shooting the M16. It was her first time shooting - anything - ever. 
Me shooting the M16.
My mom shooting the M16.
My mom and me, shooting next to each other. What a great bonding experience for her birthday.

The dog tags that we got in addition to our completion certificate.

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