Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Finished Kitchen!

Here are the much anticipated pictures from our kitchen re-do project. There are also some "in between" pictures to show how hard we really worked!
Top left: the day we moved in
Top right: trying to pick paint colors for the kitchen, good picture of the old color of the cabinets
Bottom: new and improved kitchen cabinets!
Pop was our designated baby sitter. He came waltzing into the kitchen one day proclaiming, "it's Moses! Look at him, he looks like Moses!" while carrying Hunter just like this.
Mimi hard at work on her hands and knees and Pop is getting to play with the kids all day long! {I'm actually not 100% who had it easier, ha ha}
Mimi working hard and getting some painting on the cabinet frames done.
Eden couldn't miss out on updating things, so she wanted to "paint" her kitchen too. She got a foam brush and a bowl of water to use. She loved it {and so did I since she had colored all over her kitchen with chalk!}
Painting away with her sucker in one hand, a paint brush in the other!
Pop, hard at work putting hinges on doors and doors on frames.
He had to take a Hunter break. I mean, how could you not. He's too darn cute! Oh, and he's also Pop's mini me.
Top left: a close up of the hardware on the upper cabinets.
Top center: measuring the cabinet doors to put the knobs on them.
Top right: the "desk" beside the refrigerator all finished with hardware.
Bottom left: measuring the drawers.
Bottom right {top}: Pop drilling the holes for the hardware.
Bottom right {bottom}: measuring to find the center before using the template to mark the drawer for hardware.
It was a TON of work and took much longer than expected, but I couldn't be happier! I'm glad my mom didn't let me take the "cheap" way out and just paint because the wood grain is beautiful with the stain.Thanks Mom, you were right!

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