Saturday, July 7, 2012

18 Weeks Old

Since I don't have the ability to update Hunter's pictures right now, I'll do that later, but he's doing some fun things so I want to tell you about them. He's finding his voice and squealing about everything. Occasionally if you aren't looking at him you could think that he's mad about something but really, he's smiling and loving life. He also rolled from back to belly yesterday. Of course no one saw him do it, we just saw him on his belly when he had been on his back before. And no, he still won't roll belly to back when anyone is around. Stubborn kids! We've been getting more and more belly laughs from him these days. He loves to be startled and he loves when someone says "boo" or "bugga boo" to him. He's also started laughing if I come at him saying "imma getcha!" We are still falling in love with him more and more and Eden loves that he's interacting with her more {on a good day of course!} There are days that she's in her moods and telling him to stop crying and to stop looking at whatever he might be looking at just because she can. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen! Most days she loves him and is sweet to him and he just gazes at her with loving eyes.

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