Saturday, July 28, 2012

Motherhood Is...{29}

I'm a firm believer that you have no idea how to truely appreciate your mother until you are one! I loved my mom, I knew that she did everything in her power to do what was best for me, my brother, and the rest of our family, and I appreciated her for everything that she did for us. But boy was I clueless! The countless hours of worry over a punishment from the day, the tireless nights that are endured without complaint {to the child} and for everything else. There are so many sacrifices that mothers make. We start the sacrifices for our children before they're even of this world! Moms are super!!!! My mom is awesome and I'm not sure I tell her often enough. She does everything for me {still} and is always just a phone call away. Most recently Mom made sure to clean my house for me after helping me re-do my kitchen. All this was in addition to helping me care for my kids and making sure Lane and I had date nights - yes, date nightS! She loves to love me and my family and she never seems to run out of her love! I love her and am so glad to have her as a role model in how to raise my children and love my children.

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