Sunday, July 29, 2012

La Jolla

When we moved to California I was the loser that pronounced this exactly how it looks phonetically - La Jolla. Yep, that was me {and I hope you did it too!} Unfortunately it's pronounced La Hoya, and it's also a pretty wealthy area near San Diego. Obviously we're not part of the "wealth" in San Diego and I showed it by not knowing how to say this. Ugh!

I digress...When Mimi and Pop visited this time, Pop wanted to go to La Jolla and "eat lunch on the sidewalk" and walk to the beach. We did, and it was beautiful. We ate at a little place that we found a parking spot right in front of. Dad said it was fate! He was so excited. The lunch was delicious, we ate in the middle of all the beach-goers walking to and from the beach, and we were just 2 blocks from the ocean.

Once we were done with lunch we quickly changed Eden into her bathing suit and me into shorts that I didn't mind getting wet and we headed to the beach. The cliffs were amazing {I'm in awe of the cliffs right on the edge of the water at all locations here in SoCal!} and the water was crystal clear. I couldn't have asked for anything better...well, leaving without the kicking and screaming toddler would have been 100% perfect, but who could blame her. She loved the water and only got to spend a few minutes {more like 20-ish} playing in it after being so well behaved at lunch on the sidewalk! 

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