Sunday, July 29, 2012

Motherhood Is...{30}

I mean this in a fun way - and in a not so fun way. First, let's go with fun! Who ever thought that becoming a mom would mean I could sit on the floor and eat fish sticks for lunch?! And the snacks that I keep in the house that I didn't keep before? Gold fish, animal crackers and capri sun. I forgot how great {yet how terrible} kraft mac and cheese is, but honestly, velveeta shells and cheese take me back to childhood like no other food can! Ah, corn dogs!!! One of Eden's favorite and I'm quickly learning that I have a fondness of them too. Enough about food - let's talk tea parties and "throwing ice cream" to share with one another and picnics with Pink Bear or Brown Bear. The pretend things that I get to do on any given day is amazing. We make kebabs, eat pizza, change diapers, and color all day long.

And then there's the not so fun regression that I dreaded and totally expected once Hunter was born. Recently Eden has been talking in a really high voice {her baby voice} and telling us that she's a baby or that she's Baby Hunter. When she's doing this she's wanting to crawl around instead of walking. She's not just crawling all the time though; she's crawling when we want her to get somewhere quickly or when she's just stalling for one reason or another. She's constantly wanting to be held. I don't have a problem holding her - I secretly love to pick her up and hold her! I just wish she didn't want to be held when I'm trying to also carry Hunter in his car seat or when I'm trying to move him from point A to point B at home. I love that she's cuddly and wanting to sit in my lap, I just wish it wasn't when I was in the middle of feeding Hunter. I know and I understand why she's doing it, I just wish it wasn't so hard to juggle the 2 of them! She gets into Hunter's bouncer, his swing, and even his car seat some times. She's even asked recently if she could eat in the high chair because it's set up in the kitchen now. She loves being the "Mommy" most of the time, but we're getting more and more "Baby" from her now-a-days. This regression isn't quite as much fun for me!

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