Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been more busy in the last few weeks than I ever expected to be. Mimi and Pop were here for 17 days and it was a great visit. We didn't do much tourist-y things {though we did do some}, but we did re-do the kitchen cabinets and that kept us busy far longer than we wanted it to! We enjoyed the time together, and I actually cried when I dropped them off at the airport. We even got along more than 95% of the time this visit - despite the fact that we did a home renovation project together! I enjoyed having them around and we're missing them already. That being said, I've got lots of pictures to add on here {and the "missing" days could be on the real camera, these are just the ones from my phone. Our card reader on the computer that I mainly use for updating is out of commission right now, so I can't upload those right now...sad day for you AND for me!}
July 6 - This is the morning of Lane's promotion and in my last picture post, the promotion pictures won dare I?! Isn't he so big? STOP GROWING SO FAST, HUNTER!
July 10 - Eden, Hunter, and Pop sitting out on the patio, enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather.
July 11 - I made time for myself and ran on the treadmill. Unfortunately, I'm WAY behind on my goal of 300 miles before the end of the year. I think I might still be on track to be able to finish my goal, but I'm going to have to find the motivation that I started with. I've lost it somewhere along the way!
July 12 - Daddy leaving North Island when we went to see him land.
July 12 - Taking a much needed break from cabinets and doing some "tourist" things while Mimi and Pop were in town. These are the tide pools at the Cabrillo National Monument.
July 14 - Shooting the M16 at the range for Jane Wayne Day when Mimi and I got to pretend to be Marines for the day. What a great way to spend your 32nd Birthday, right Mimi {I'll never tell her real age!!!}
July 15 - Eden and Hunter eating breakfast together. I'm excited to have the high chair in the kitchen again, but stressed at the fact that it means Hunter is getting older and growing WAY too fast!
July 16 - Hunter found his toes today!
July 16 - Hunter was refusing to fall asleep, so I put him on our bed. He stuffed his thumb into his mouth and fought it just a little bit longer. Obviously he lost the battle! It was fun to watch him fight it because it was a peaceful fight where his eyes just gradually started drooping.
July 17 - Another run while Mimi and Pop were here. I'm glad to know {by posting pictures} that I missed tracking my run on the 11th! How exciting for me!!! I officially get to add 2 miles to my monthly and year to date numbers. What a relief that I'm 2 miles closer than I thought I was to my goal. Maybe that was just the motivation I needed!
July 17 - He's obsessed with his toes. And I'm obsessed with the fact that he's always putting them in his mouth!
July 18 - Eden grabbed ahold of Pop's arm at lunch and said, "take my picture! Cheeeeese!" It made my heart smile for her to be so excited about Mimi and Pop being here.
July 19 - Just hanging out in the toy room.
July 22 - I told you I was obsessed with him loving his toes!
July 23 - Eden needed to put on some sunglasses to go to story time. I guess is was a little bright out!
July 25 - We had friends over, so I made sure to have food for them. While Pop was here he'd go for a morning walk every day and most days would stop by Yum Yum Donuts and bring home goodies! I took this picture to send to him to let him know that we were missing him. We got doughnut holes and apple fritters for our friends to share with us.
July 26 - Hunter fell asleep while he was playing. He curled up with his paci and his tiger, cuddled up with them and fell asleep. I love that I have a child that will sleep anywhere! Eden would only sleep in her crib when nothing was going on.
July 26 - I put Hunter in his seat so I could take Eden her lunch because she was eating in the living room today. When I came back {15 seconds later} Hunter had rolled to his belly and pushed himself half way out of the seat. Nowhere is safe anymore! He's officially on the move and ready to crawl and climb. {It looks like he's getting into the seat in this picture, but he's trying to get out. Either way, I'm in trouble!}

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