Sunday, July 29, 2012

North Island

While Mimi and Pop were in town we made sure to put Cabrillo National Monument on our "must-do-list" because Dad insisted last time and it was beautiful. This is where the tide pools are and the cliffs that are just spectacular that I love "hiking" with Eden and Hunter when I have people in town to offer some help since I don't trust it on my own. The views are stunning and it's a little surreal that it's practically in my back yard!

This trip with Mimi and Pop we had another reason to go. Lane told us earlier in the week that he was going to be landing at North Island {a Naval Base} and I remembered that it is one of the things that you can see perfectly from the monument! We went down to watch Lane land and take off since he was just dropping people off at the base and heading back to work that morning. We didn't tell him we were going because I didn't know if it would make him nervous that we were "watching" him. I love that Eden and Hunter have a daddy that does something so cool for a living! She loved watching him fly, it was neat to see the excitement of her getting to see her daddy.
The view of North Island, where Lane landed and took off from. Terribly gloomy morning.
Hunter hanging out, waiting for Daddy to land.
There he is, leaving. Yes, that spec that you might have tried to wipe off the picture, dead center, is the plane leaving. {Next up on my wish list...a new camera lens that has great zoom!}
A little easier to see. I wish the pictures did it justice. He was so close to us!
Bye bye Daddy!
Last shot before heading out.

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