Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promotion Day

July 1 marked the day that Lane's promotion kicked in. That was a Sunday, so the ceremony was going to be on the 2nd. This was a big bummer because Lane's family had just left on Saturday and my family was coming in on Tuesday. Everyone was just barely missing this. Since there's no way to move the promotion up, he requested that it be moved back in order for someone to be able to take part in the ceremony with us. On Friday, July 6, I packed the car up with the kids and Mimi and Pop to go down to base to have Lane's ceremony for his promotion to Captain. It was a short ceremony, but his study partner through the ATU {his simulator training before being able to fly the actual plane} was able to conduct the ceremony. This was really neat because Lane and Andy became friends through the ATU and Andy is somewhat of a mentor to Lane as he learns the ropes of being in the "real" Marine Corps instead of flight school.

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