Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wine Tours

Saturday was the big day. Lane and I threw the kids at Mimi and Pop and ran out the door and didn't come back until Sunday mid-day. Ok, I exaggerate! I actually had a harder time leaving than I thought I would. Eden cried when we left - and she never cries - so I just wanted to sit and hold her. I knew that she was going to have a great time, but I still didn't want her to cry. 

Mimi and Pop were given written instructions on how to get the DVD player operating and how to get Eden's favorite shows on TV just in case nothing else worked and she realized we weren't coming right back. I don't think they ended up needing any of it. 

Now, Hunter, he's a whole other story! You would think he'd be the easy one. Just feed him and change his diapers, let him sleep when he's tired, right? Nope. He tried refusing his bottles and he tried refusing his naps. Stubborn kids, I tell ya! They can give you a run for your money if they want to. 

{Please note that Lane and I had no idea any of the "bad" things were happening as they were happening. The kids were in great hands who also knew that we didn't want to know about any of it unless we HAD to know about it because we were enjoying our time together! Thanks Mimi and Pop!}
Waiting at the hotel for our tour bus to pick us up for our winery tours
The grapes at La Ponte winery

The view at our second winery
Bella Vista, the 3rd winery of the day.

The views from the 4th winery - Callaway - tasting room.

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