Monday, April 2, 2012

Late Again

Here are our pictures from the week. There will be more to come because Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for a week!
March 25 - Hunters picture that I sent Mimi and Pop while they were waiting on their flight home.
March 26 - We've started putting bibs on Hunter because he's spitting up now-a-days.
March 27 - Eden loves to love on her baby doll!
March 28 - Grandma brought Eden some things from work that they don't use anymore. Eden's ready to go in for surgery!
March 29 - Hunter just chillin' out on my bed.
March 30 - Eden is sporting her very first real pony tail! She loved being able to have a pony tail. I can't wait to get some braids in her hair!
March 30 - Eden's cucumbers that she planted with Pop are sprouting!
March 31 - We took Eden to the Easter Egg Hunt that was put on by Lane's squadron. She got to decorate an egg frame.

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