Monday, April 16, 2012


So I used to have a fully potty trained 2-year-old, but I'm not sure about it anymore...

I knew regression was a huge possibility when Hunter got here, so I didn't push the potty training before he got here. She did it all on her own before he got here though. All of a sudden she was pooping on the potty and only wearing panties during the day. Eden used to sport a diaper for nap time and night time, but that was it - and it wasn't necessary to wear one at any other point in the day. She could even wake up from a nap with a dry diaper sometimes.

One day this week Eden had an accident in the evening. No big deal. Though accidents weren't all the time things, there were still a few here and there. But then the next night she had another accident. Then the next night she had TWO accidents. These aren't just accidents that I feel like I can brush off. They're accidents that happen 30 seconds after I asked her if she needed to go potty, she said no, and then told me that she wouldn't go in her pants. She follows this conversation with, "oh, I'm peeing" as she stands wherever she's standing and pees in her pants. This happened this morning today, too.

I feel like it might be happening because it's something that she can control. I feel like she might be acting out. I feel like I shouldn't punish her for having an accident because I don't want the negative correlation with going potty. But most of all, I feel like we're going to have to start from square one with setting timers to go potty. No matter what, when the timer goes off, Eden sits on the potty for a few minutes and tries. Ugh, not looking forward to this - what if the timer goes off when I'm nursing Hunter?! What do I do if I'm cooking when the timer goes off?! What do I do if she doesn't hear the timer go off?! All the same questions over again as we journey down the path of re-potty training!

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