Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've never been much of a baker - or a cook for that matter. I mean, if you give me a recipe, I can usually make what I'm trying to make, but I don't get creative and make things of my own creation. In the past week I've decided that I will start making our sandwich bread. I made this decision after making a few batches of naan to go with an Indian meal we have often. My stand mixer makes everything easy too! I love that thing!!! I've made two batches of bread, which equates to four loaves of bread. The bread it a huge hit and smells delicious when we bake it. Eden loves to help out and "moosh" the dough when it comes time to knead it.
Cleaning our flour spills.
"Cheese" as the dough is kneading.
The dough needed to rise, and the instructions recommend a warm place, so what better warm place than the SoCal sun on top of the hot tub!
Eden and I went looking for snails in the back yard while we waited for the dough to rise.

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