Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Before Eden came along Lane and I were not schedule people. Now that we have kids we're more schedule people than we were, but we're still not the type to schedule every minute of every day. Most of our scheduling revolves around sleep. When do the kids need to sleep - mainly Eden now - and how long do they need to sleep. For a long time, bath/bed time has been at 8 and that's really the only thing that hasn't changed over time. Of course the number of naps she takes and the length of the naps has changed over time, but bed time has always remained.

As Hunter starts getting his days and nights set and figured out I'm trying to get him on more of a schedule. Just within the last few days he has started staying awake for about an hour at a time randomly throughout the day. I love to see his blue eyes just soaking in life around him. Eden enjoys his awake times too. She doesn't quite understand that he isn't going to talk and play with her like she might want him to, but she loves to catch his gaze! She makes me laugh when she talks to him. It makes me realize how I talk to him and the phrases I commonly use to communicate with him.

The only real schedule I'm trying to set with Hunter right now is bed time. When Eden gets a bath, so does Hunter. When Eden gets her jammies on, so does Hunter. I try to nurse him while we're doing her story time after we've said our prayers. All of this is to try to set a routine for him so that he knows sleep time is right around the corner. Maybe by setting this night time schedule for him he'll start sleeping longer bouts at night and we'll be one step closer to sleeping through the night again! One can hope anyways.

In actuality, he's a good baby and a good sleeper. He usually wakes up twice between midnight and 8, so I have no room to complain by any means. Eden usually sleeps until 8 or 9, so I don't have to become a morning person...yet. Hopefully I'll be able to keep Hunter on the late rising schedule too!

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