Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 Weeks Old

This has been a fun week for Hunter. He began smiling for us and he's beginning to sleep in a more patterned or scheduled way. He's waking up at night either once or twice depending on when I feed him last in the evenings. Night before last I woke him and fed him around 11 as we were going to bed and he only woke up once that night around 3am. Last night however, I went to bed before Lane came up, so he brought Hunter up when he came. Since Hunter didn't eat right before I went to bed, he woke up at 1am and then again at 4am before waking up around 8 to start the day. Not a bad gig if I do say so myself! I'm hoping that now that we're going to be able to get more into a groove of a schedule because we don't have anymore visitors for a while that I will be able to get him into his crib for naps and then eventually for night time. I remember when Eden went into her crib at night it was a hard transition for me. I'm hoping this is more of a smooth transition because it's one of the first "growing up" things that they do. It's one of the first "letting go" moments that I have to handle! But the time isn't here yet, so I'm going to cherish the moments that I can look over the side of the bed and see his sweet face in the cradle beside me!

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