Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 Months

2 months ago at this time I was cuddling a baby who was only a little more than 2 hours old. He proved to me that babies who follow "good babies" {who are now toddlers} can also be good babies - one of my fears was that after Eden, who was a good baby, I was in for a rude awakening. He had taken easily to the breast and was nursing relatively easily - is it ever easy in the beginning?! He's still nursing well, and can finally nurse in about 20-30 minutes, when it was 20 minutes per side before. This makes for great times in the evening when I have to wake to feed him in the middle of the night.

The amount that he's changed since he was born is amazing to me. We go to the doctor tomorrow for his well baby visit, so I'll have stats then, but I know he must be at least 10 pounds now! He loves to smile and he's starting to show us his personality that I'm excited to watch him grow in to and evolve. People have started coming to an agreement about who he looks like. They're saying he looks like ME! Well, like a Travis, not me. I've heard most that he looks like Uncle Parker, and someone has even said he looks like my dad.

Eden is still very much in love with him and she still loves to be a big helper with him. She will let me check for poop in his diaper before undoing it and helping with diaper changes. She loves to unsnap his jammies to help with changing his clothes. We just need to see how far she's going to try to take her helping and make sure we keep an eye on her as she's still exploring having a baby brother around.

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