Sunday, April 22, 2012

Motherhood Is...{16}


Up until now I thought that Hunter didn't cry. I thought he just grunted and that was it. When we had visitors he gave us a taste of his cry, but only in the car. The other day I learned that he does, in fact, cry. I have a feeling that I didn't think he cried before because there were so many extra hands around to help us. He was held a lot and he was constantly being comforted by our visitors. That being said, he's still a great baby and doesn't cry a lot, but he does cry! I realized when I was trying to throw dinner in the crock pot before heading out to the doctor that I just had to let him cry. I had to get out the door, so dinner had to be started. He wasn't happy about it, but was all smiles once he got the attention he was looking for!

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