Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Weeks Old

Oh me, oh my. Where has the time gone?! Hunter is now 7 weeks old {as of yesterday} and he's starting to get the hang of life. He's waking twice at night, if you count the 6ish feeding at night {which I certainly do!} He's getting a pretty strong neck and can lift his head really well. He will occasionally share his smiles with us, but a lot of the time we aren't quite ready for them. When he smiles and I'm not expecting it I giggle! I love that he can make me giggle. I think he's trying to find his voice because he'll make sounds that aren't his normal grunt every now and then. I can't wait for him to coo for us! One thing that drives me crazy is that he's a tummy sleeper. Yes, it is fabulous that we figured things out for him and we know what will be comfortable for him and he sleeps longer that way...BUT, and it's a big but, he doesn't like the car when it's time to sleep. He isn't on his tummy. Oh, and he won't keep his paci in his mouth either, so that doesn't help if he's tired, mad, and not on his belly. He's just going to have to learn! And so am I until he does...

And to show you how these "photo sessions" go each week, here are this weeks outtakes! 

Not too happy about being in the chair to start with.
So Eden took advantage of it!
And she wanted to hold him...but he really didn't want to be in the chair - no.matter.what!

So she sat alone again and was just so happy to do it!
See, head control - sometimes!
And there's the loving sister in the background stating, "I pat him, Mommy!"
And he's over it again {not because of the pat from Big Sister, just because he's plain over it!}
And just think, those were only SOME of the pictures that I consider to be "outtakes!"

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