Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No More Naps

Ugh, the time has come. Eden doesn't want to nap- but trust me, this is not the best option for ANYONE involved! She's recently learned how to open doors and doesn't want to stay in her room. I've found her dressed, undressed. On the stairs, in my room, in Hunter's room. I've heard her talking, I've heard her sneaking around. Oh help us all!

My only solution to this problem was to put a baby gate up at her door so that she can still open the door, but she can't get out. The first day she was mad - very mad. She actually pushed the baby gate down and I heard her mouth-breathing {you know, like the stalker standing over you kind of breathing} on the stairs while I was in the living room. The next day, she tried with all her might to push the gate down and she couldn't - not quite sure what changed, but I was ok with her not being able to get out. She has books in her closet that she can read. She goes to bed with a baby, duck, and 3 bears, so she's got things to interact with. She can even play music on her aquarium toy at the foot of her bed. There's not a lack of activities for her during her rest time if she doesn't want to sleep.

Yesterday I finally stopped trying to put her down for a nap. I let her know with plenty of time that it's almost rest time. I sometimes set a timer so she can have the warning and then the cue that it's time to go upstairs. Once we head up it's potty time {which is a situation that is slowly getting better again! Thank goodness!!} and then we don the diaper for rest time. I let her get into her bed on her own time and I don't force sleep. Today I watched her on the video monitor and she opened her door a few times to peek out and then she hopped into bed, covered up, and fell asleep. If rest time is what it takes, then rest time is what we'll do!

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