Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Were Here

The day after Mimi and Pop left Grandma and Grandpa flew in to meet Hunter and visit for a week. We had a good time with them and got to see the Pacific again. This time, when we went we made sure Eden didn't get in the water because we were heading to dinner after the beach. We did a good job keeping her out of the water, but the tide came in when Grandpa had his back turned on the water and it got him! He was shocked because the water was a little bit cold to say the least. We were able to go to story time with Eden and we were able to just hang out and let the grandkids get to know Grandma and Grandpa. Lane and Grandpa got to go golfing and they even finished installing the downstairs baseboards that got started last week when Pop was in town. Next up is the hallway and the bedrooms upstairs. Ugh, that means moving furniture...

Enjoy the pictures of Grandma and Grandpas visit!
Grandpa got a kick out of the fact that I was sitting in the very back of the car when we picked them up from the airport. That coupled with a new camera warranted a picture of the moment!
Hunter at dinner on our way home from the airport.
Eden and Grandma at dinner on the way home from the airport.
Eden loved showing Grandma and Grandpa her toy room!
At the playground with Grandma and Grandma. She loved when Grandpa would spin her.

Night time book with our family of 4!
Eden's ponytail
Grandma and Hunter napping on the couch.

Eden and Grandma having lunch at the Easter egg hunt on base.
Eden at the beach.

Lane and his dad finishing the baseboards downstairs in the living room.
Finishing the stairs!
Eden loves her brother. I can never get enough of the pictures of them together.
The landing where Lane and Grandpa finished the baseboards.

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