Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Losing It

Not my mind {at the moment!} No, I'm losing the baby weight. I had my 6 week check up this week and everything is good to go. The doctor had no reservations about me doing anything exercise or diet-wise, so here goes nothing. I had started running again with the couch to 5k program because it eases you into running, but now I have no excuses and I've got to get my butt in gear! I've signed up for a 5k on June 16 and I'm hoping to be able to run the whole thing. If todays run is any indication about how well I'm going to do in June, I need to keep running! HA HA - It was that bad. I ran the 3.2 miles in 48 minutes...not that great. Oh well, I did the distance and now I know the route, so I just need to run it in addition to the couch to 5k runs I'm doing and I should be good to go.

The running is just a means to an end for me though. The ultimate goal is not to see how far I can run, or how fast I can run. The ultimate goal is go be healthy and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I gained 40 pounds with Hunter's pregnancy, so I've got a few pounds to drop for sure! As of today, I've officially dropped 15.6 pounds {it isn't dropping off as fast as it did with all!} and I only have 24.4 pounds to go. Ugh, I get excited at the 15 and then realize that I've got 24 more to go! I know I can do it. I know I will do it. I just have to keep up the exercise and watch what I'm eating. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

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