Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun in the Sun

April 14 - Hunter looks a little sleepy after his evening meal!
April 15 - Daddy and Eden at the tide pools. This was a lot of fun, so we'll probably be taking a lot more pictures here over the summer!
April 15 - Eden hanging out in the "caves" at the tide pools. This time we went at low tide, but it was freezing, so it wasn't quite as much fun as last time.
April 15 - Eden went towards this cave, but got scared, so she was only willing to pose outside the cave.
April 15 - Daddy and Eden chatting about the meaning of life!
April 16 - These are the pictures that I painted to put in our room.
April 17 - Eden had her picnic basket, her tea party and her "ABCs" outside and was playing so well by herself.
April 18 - Hunter had the hiccups, so Eden gave him a burp cloth because she thought he might spit up.
April 18 - While Hunter napped, Eden and Mommy had a picnic outside together.
April 19 - I took Eden on a walk to the playground and I remembered to take care of the kids' skin, but forgot about myself. I'm going to have to get used to the SoCal sun!

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