Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun at the Mall

May 24 - Eden and I went apartment hunting for a friend. I think she liked the balcony. What am I saying...of course she's outside!

May 25 - This was the "Happy Birthday" picture that I sent to a friend.
 I went to the mall for the first time on Thursday of last week. And then I went the next day with Lane, and then the next day with my mom, and then the next day again with Lane {but only because that's where our date-night dinner location happened to be, and I didn't actually go into the mall}. Yes, the mall is that great! I never thought it could be, but it is. There is an indoor play area for Eden and there are 3 little fountains outside one of the entrances that she can play in too.

We took Eden's bathing suit the second and third visits and let Eden play in the fountains. I'm not sure that this is something that people let their kids do because she's always been the only one in the water and everyone stops to watch her. My thinking is that if we can go to the mall and go to the playground {for free} and then walk around, then right before heading home, hit up the fountains {for free} we've had a pretty good {free} day of play! Eden is always up for an adventure and excited to have new things and people to talk to and play with, so the mall is great for that.
May 26 - Eden loved the big orange fish in the fish tank at the play area.

May 27 - Playing in the fountains outside the mall entrance.

May 28 - Playing in the play area with Mimi.

May 28 - Showing Mimi all the fun fish.

May 28 - In the fountains again. She loves it!

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