Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grumpy Baby Explination

just ignore the half eaten muffin!

And don't forget about the ulcers in the back of her thoat
I don't know about you, but if I had all these blisters {and a rash on my legs} I would be grumpy too! Wow, just thinking about the last 5 days that we've been battling this junk makes me tired, grumpy, sad, but in the end {just a little bit} relieved!

It all started Wednesday: Eden had a fever and was a little bit grumpy. This didn't seem abnormal, she was cutting a tooth. The fever was about 101 at the highest, and we could control it with medicines. That evening Eden refused to eat dinner {even her watermelon} and we actually put her to bed without a bath {her favorite part of the day} and she was asleep before Lane could sit down with her in the rocking chair. 

Thursday: Around midnight {Wednesday/Thursday night} I went into Eden's room to check on her before going to bed, her temperature was 103. Granted, it was time for more medicine, so I had expected her to have a slight fever - but not anywhere close to 103! At this point I just held her and Lane and I talked about if we should take her to the hospital. We decided not to take her, but to check on her ever 2 hours {and we have the video monitor}. We thought that since she was sleeping and getting rest, the medicine was keeping the temperature down while it was in her system, and she didn't have any symptoms of anything else - there was nothing different that would happen at the hospital. That day Eden was fine - if she had tylenol in her system - so still, we thought she was teething. Eden started rubbing her ear, so now we thought that she could possibly have an ear infection. That night, she still didn't want to eat dinner. I even made her something with red sauce {very acidic} because it's usually her favorite. I had NO IDEA that she had ulcers in the back of her mouth! *Bad Mom of the Year Award, right here!*

Friday: I woke up early and made Eden a doctor appointment because she still had a fever of about 101, and she was still rubbing her ear. I didn't want to go through the weekend with a fever and not knowing what's going on. We went to the doctor {her doctor here in Texas is great, by the way!} and almost as soon as I finished telling her what Eden's symptoms were, she had an idea of what was going on. She checked Eden's ears because of what I told her, but nope, her ears looked fine. As she continued her exam, she confirmed her suspicions - Eden has Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (HFMD). She has ulcers in the back of her mouth - no wonder she didn't want to eat red sauce last night, or pineapple for breakfast this morning! *Bad Mom of the Year Award, right here...again!* The doctor told me that this is a highly contagious viral disease that is expected every spring/summer and that she's seen a lot of it in her patients recently. Unfortunately, there's nothing that you can do to help this pass except time because it's viral...So at this point I'm relieved to know what's going on {and it isn't too serious}, but sad that Eden just has to suffer through and we just have to ride it out.

Saturday: Lane has had the weekend off, so there were lots of things that we wanted to do {aquarium, pool, Hooks game, the mall playground, beach, anything!}. Because of the contagious nature of HFMD we basically have to stay away from all people. Adults don't typically have the symptoms, but are able to carry the virus. So we stayed at home and played in the yard, ate watermelon, and tried to get Eden to drink water. She went all day with only 1 wet diaper, so we thought we'd have to go the ER for IV fluids. Luckily, she drank 2 sippy cups {16oz} of water and had a wet diaper before going to bed, so we avoided that trip {again}.

Sunday: We had to skip church this morning because we don't want Eden around the other kids. Eden and I went on a run while Lane stayed home and studied. Eden is down for a morning nap {a norm these days, but not her normal, normal} and giving me a chance to catch everyone up on the goings on of our crazy lives! Eden has a well baby doctor's appointment tomorrow that I scheduled a little while ago, so we'll be able to ask any additional questions and find out when we can start playing with our friends again. We're catching a bit of cabin fever, so the doctor visit will be nice to get us out of the house and hopefully will be followed {sooner than later} by a play date with friends!

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