Friday, June 17, 2011

The Gifts

With every anniversary comes gifts {well, almost every anniversary. We didn't do gifts last year - we were doing the new born thing!} The traditional gifts for the 4th anniversary are flowers and fruit. Easy, right? Not if you're trying to buy for HIM! He did a much better job at gift giving than I did, hands down!
I got an Edible Arrangement! It was SO good. So good in fact that the only thing left as we speak are 5 strawberries {none are chocolate covered, those are long gone and the chocolate covered bananas were the first to be gone} and some pineapple {because I'm a nice Mommy and that was Eden's favorite}
So what did he get? Nothing quite as delicious, or as pretty as what I got. He got a mod podge of random {useless} gifts. Now wait, they did symbolize the journey of our married relationship, and they were hidden around the house, so there was thought put into it - but the gifts were crap, and I'll be the first to admit it! In my defense, though, I did do some research to learn that the colors for our anniversary are blue and green, so I did get blue and green colored wrapping to make sure that all FOUR of his gifts were wrapped within the theme! Oh, I know, no excuses...

He had left to go get my gift {I only knew he was leaving the house, I didn't know why} so it was PERFECT. When he was gone, I set up a scavenger hunt. It started with a note to him and let him know what was up. The first note had a clue to lead him to the gift to represent our first year of marriage.

He found it in the laundry room with the beach towels. It, too, is a beach towel to remind him of the fun in the sun when we went to the Dominican Republic on our honeymoon...ahhh, glorious times!

He found year 2 by his cover because this is the year that he started {and graduated} TBS in Quantico. The gift was a {lame} nerf gun because he qualified on the shooting range while at TBS.

Year 3 was hiding in the high chair because we were blessed with Eden in our 3rd year of marriage. The gift was a pj set {for Eden} that said Daddy's Wild Child.

And our most current year of marriage was found in the refrigerator {because who wants warm beer}. I wanted go get him something with the state of Texas on it, but knew he wouldn't want anything decorative, so I got him Bud Light...yes, it has Texas pride on the can!

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