Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Every Letter Makes a Sound"

Eden has a refrigerator toy that sings a song about letters and she loves it. Each letter has notches at the bottom, so when pressed while in the toy, it will tell you what the letter sounds like. I thought this toy was fun, but never really payed much attention to the fact that Eden is starting to pick up on the letter sounds.

I was in the kitchen one day and I heard her playing with the toy {like she does just about every day}. This time she wasn't just pressing the button and letting it sing to her, she was talking back to the toy. As I was listening to the toy sing "P says, puh, P says puh, every letter makes a sound, P says puh" I was also listening to Eden say "puh" along with the toy! I was SO proud of her! I let her keep the P in the toy for a few more days before introducing a new letter, but now she also knows what a T says!

I think since we're stuck in the house for at least a few more days I might do some letter recognition with her. I've got to find some fun activities for her to do that include the letter {and that will keep her interest} to keep up the learning process!

And because it's Sunday and all we're doing around here is napping, eating, playing, and taking pictures of all of the above - here are a few more pictures for you from today!
Eating lunch, her mouth looks a lot better. It must feel better too because she's willing to eat now!

Owie! Though this looks painful {and worse than yesterday} she doesn't even seem to notice.

They're between her toes too :(

She disappeared behind the couch {where her toys are} and we could hear her playing with her blocks. I was hoping she was facing this direction, but I'm still glad that I got this! She was so content putting blocks together and taking them apart.

She loves smiling for the camera. Too bad her eyes close every time! Such a happy baby toddler!

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