Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Has Arrived!

We welcome June in style! The heat of the summer has arrived and we're living it up.
June 1 - Cool chick in her {Velcro around the head} sunglasses!

June 2 - Grumpy baby starting to set in! Teething?

June 2 - Eden's cool kicks from Mimi!

June 3 - Eden in her fabulous new shirt from Ms. Michelle at E&S Embroidery

June 3 - Ha ha, she wanted to hold the camera.

June 3 - Beautiful smile!

June 3 - this was one of the few clouds in a perfectly blue sky as the sun was setting.

June 4 - Eating a {sugar free} Popsicle. Keeping that girl hydrated in the summer heat of Texas.

June 4 - Just relaxin'.

June 4 - What a lady...

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