Monday, June 27, 2011

Finger Paints

With PUDDING! When we weren't sure how long Eden would have to stay away from her friends because of HFMD, I got some pudding for her to play with. Yes, to play with! It was a big hit!

I put a tarp out in the back yard, and we let her have a go! I gave her the bowls full of pudding - one chocolate and one vanilla - along with some spoons and let her do what she wanted to with them. Her Daddy had already taught her when we were inside, that eating pudding was delicious, so she did more eating than painting. She ended up pretty messy though, so I think we accomplished what we were going for. Fun, good eats, easy clean up {because who doesn't love to play in the hose?}!
Daddy showing her how good chocolate pudding is!

Here she goes! She's getting started...

Look at those toes! I could just eat 'em up!

Still clean...well, except for her feet! She's learning how to be a double dipper.

There she goes, now she remembers the good stuff that Daddy showed her inside.

Loving that she can make a mess without being told "no" when she smears it in her hair!

I couldn't resist this one. She was sucking in and Lane happened to snap the picture at the right moment.

Oh what a messy baby!

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