Monday, June 27, 2011

12 Going on 14

As of yesterday, Eden had 12 teeth. She's been pretty fussy and hasn't been falling asleep very easily for 2 days now. Last night at dinner, Lane asked if she was due to get any more teeth at this point in toddler-hood. I honestly had no idea. I guess there was a part of me that thought we were done after 1-year molars, of course until we were blessed with 2 year molars.

Boy was I wrong! She's got 2 teeth coming in now. One has already broken the gum line. They're right on schedule, and will make numbers 13 and 14 for Eden. She's getting her new teeth on the bottom, just on the outside of the 4 that she already has. I can't believe she's got so many teeth. I just went back and looked at some pictures of her when she didn't have any teeth at all! Wow, a lot has happened in 15 short months.

Oh, and boy was I wrong about being done until those 2-year molars come in! She's going to have 20 baby teeth! Why didn't anyone tell me that teething was a never-ending battle with toddlers?! Or, I guess, why didn't I listen to everyone who ever told me that teething was a never-ending battle?!

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