Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Year's Resolution, Going Strong!

Yes, we're about half way through the year and I've not broken my resolution! I'm still taking a picture a day {having an AWESOME camera helps!} I don't think I've ever set a realistic resolution and I'm excited to be keeping up with this one.

June 10 - I am in love with my new shoes. I got them at the KID section! Don't worry, Eden got a pair too. This is the color for the Fripp Trip this September, so I couldn't resist.

June 11 - A slight diaper rash means that Eden gets to sit around in nothing. She didn't even pee on the floor this time!
June 12 - Eden hanging out while I was taking the next picture...sometimes I feel like she's just off in her own little world!

June 12 - This is where we like to spend a lot of our evenings. The sun sets to the front of the house, so the back patio has a great breeze that makes it bearable to sit outside. {Please take note that Eden put her drink in the drink holder on the chair. She always makes sure her drink is stowed when we're outside.}

June 13 - Eden with the statue of Jesus and the children outside her "Sunday School" room. We went to church to help set up for VBS next week.

June 14 - "Huh?" She's just precious!

June 14 - She climbed up on the couch to read her numbers book. She loves to find things on the pages. She's getting so smart!

June 14 - Reading her Numbers book.

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