Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mimi and Pop Visit

May 27 - The cake that I made to welcome Mimi and Pop to Corpus Christi!
Mimi and Pop came to enjoy Memorial Day Weekend with us. Since they've both gone back to work and we live farther away, we have to wait for long weekends to get visits from them. The visits are never long enough, but we love every minute of them.

My mom always insists {without any resistance from us} that Lane and I go on a date while they visit because she knows that babysitters are hard to come by since we move so often and don't have family close by to help out. This date was dinner at P.F. Changs, a trip to Old Navy {because I needed new jeans...losing weight means new clothes}, and a movie. We saw Hangover 2, and laughed harder than we've laughed in a long time. The movie was vulgar {as expected}, but funny.

To end the weekend, I got a cold {that I'm still battling} and my parents left yesterday. I made sure to get lots of pictures to capture every minute of fun with them so we can re-live the fun whenever we want.

May 29 - One good thing about extended family in can have family photos taken! This is after church on Sunday morning.

May 29 - Eden loves freedom and pays pretty good attention to the phrase "stay on the sidewalk" when we tell her to do so.

May 29 - The statue of Jesus overlooking the ocean. I think this is awesome.

May 30 - The obligatory bbq on Memorial Day. It was SO good!

May 30 - Eden sporting her Memorial Day outfit. She's not pouting, she's eating goldfish!

May 30 - Beautiful!

May 30 - A plus for continuous winds, the flags will always interest a child because they're always moving!

May 30 - Mimi and Eden on Memorial Day.

May 30 - Pop, Eden, and Daddy relaxing on the couch.

May 30 - mmm...watermelon!

May 30 - Eden and Pop decided to stroll on home after a short walk to see what the kids down the street were doing.

May 31 - Eden with Mimi and Pop before we had to head out the door to take them to the airport. Goodbye is never fun.

May 31 - Me with my mom. I miss her already! I will see them again in September {it's just too far away!!!}

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