Friday, June 10, 2011

Shards of Glass

Great explaination huh? Well, that is, unless you are Lane who used this phrase to explain the feeling in his throat. On Wednesday he came home from his flight and had a noticable fever and wasn't feeling well. Yesterday he went to the doctor and they said they thought he had strep. Today, you guessed it, blisters on his hands and mouth! Ugh, will this ever go away?!

As I type this, I'm up in our office with the air matress blown up. We're hoping that if we keep {reasonable} distance between everyone in our home, that one day the Daigle Plague will be gone and no one will ever have to experience it again. I'm hoping this passes sooner than later because 1~I don't like people that I love not feeling well, and 2~I don't like sleeping alone {especially when Lane is home...}

Lane and I were talking {because he was non-stop complaining - now an ongoing joke in our house} about the fact that this is the way Eden felt last week, but was unable to communicate with us how she was feeling. She also had a rash all over her legs that Lane doesn't have {and then add on the blisters on her bum, too}, so we know she felt horrible! If you ever talk to anyone who has HFMD - run, run fast, and run far! This stuff is no joke and it doesn't discriminate either!

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