Monday, June 27, 2011

Everything in Between

We've been busy around here with VBS this week and Lane has started flying again too. Life at home is as crazy as ever, but I love being busy. For the first time in a month everyone in our house is healthy! I know, can you believe it?! We're all healthy and starting to get back into a groove. Enjoy the pictures of everything we've been getting into over the past week or so.
June 17 - The dogs were helping me do things on the computer.

June 18 - Eden was excited to eat chocolate pudding with Daddy! {They snuck it before I could stop them.}

June 18 - Oh Eden, always into something!

June 19 - Eating one of Daddy's Father's Day muffins in her "I love Daddy" bib {or, as Eden would say, in her "bee"}

June 19 - On our way to church on Father's Day. Eden the ham, with Daddy.

June 20 - Day 1 of Vacation Bible School made her crazy! She thought her swim diaper was a hat.
June 21 - Eden didn't want to get up early for VBS, so I let her lay in bed with Daddy while I got ready.

June 22 - Half way through the week. The fun is starting to get to her!

June 22 - Flamigo spotting on base. They typically hang out at this little marshy area close to our house in the evenings. I don't have great zoom, so I can't get great pictures of them. They're hot pink, so much prettier than what you see in the zoo!

June 23 - Eden loves to "float" with her baby in the bath tub. Now if only we could get her to float for real in the pool - there would be one less stressed Momma at the pool!
June 24 - Last day of VBS! Eden {and all the other toddlers in the nursery} in the bounce house for "Fun Day!"

June 25 - Eden running from Daddy at the indoor playground at the mall.

June 25 - Eden started to climb up between the dolpins to get to the slide on the other side. Never fails, when she realizes that they're dolphins she says "no, no, no" and turns to get back down. I have no idea why she doesn't like dolphins!
June 26 - Eden lounging before bath time. When I sent this picture to Grandpa, this is what I got in response:
 With the caption, "Me too." We love Grandpa!

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