Friday, June 10, 2011

Popcicle Playdates

June 9 - The planes flying over our house. They were flying lower today, so it was fun to try to catch them on camera!

June 9 - Eden was walking over to her friend's house for a popcicle playdate before time to turn in for the night.

June 9 - Eden's friend Vanessa had bubbles to play with when we got there. Eden and Vanessa tipped them over and there were none left by the time we went home!

June 9 - Sharing, I'm sure!

June 9 - Vanessa

June 9 - Eden and Daddy walking back home.

June 9 - Hosing off before going inside with sticky hands!

June 10 - Eden decided to empty out one of her toy boxes that fits into the bookshelf in the living room so she could sit in it with her dog.

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