Saturday, May 28, 2011

Road Trip!

This past weekend, Eden and I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans to attend the 9th Annual Memorial Spaghetti Dinner to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The dinner is in memory of Lane's grandfather who passed away in January of 2002. It was nice to be able to go and be with family, even if Lane wasn't able to attend the dinner with us. Lane and his cousin, Jacob, were the only 2 grandchildren who weren't able to be in attendance at the dinner. I thought this was very ironic, because they're the 2 Marines in the family and they were both off, doing their Marine Corps thing (Jacob at Boot Camp, and Lane in Flight School).

Enjoy the pictures!
May 20 - Eden hanging out at Aunt Jeanine's house. She loved Woody and his toys! The first thing she noticed after we got there were "Baaaaaaaalls" that belonged to Woody.

May 21 - Eden sharing with Bentley at {Great}Grandma's house.

May 21 - Eden with the recorder at {Great}Grandma's.

May 21 - M and Eden playing with the wind chime at the spaghetti dinner before people started arriving for dinner.

May 21 - the Memorial Garden that is set up with {Great}Grandpa's picture.

May 21 - A candle that is lit in memory of someone special. I liked that the rocks around it said "smile" and "hope." I took this picture for Sara and Adam because they had just gotten news this morning that his fathers cancer had spread. Since this picture, there is another angel looking after us, Bruce passed away this week and he will be forever in our hearts!

May 21 - Bentley just plopped himself down in the grass. I'm sure he's looking  at Eden thinking "That's my cup" because I'm sure she was drinking his water...she was constantly drinking out of his cup and not wanting her own.

May 21 - And there she is...with Bentley's cup...little thief! 

May 21 - Chantelle collecting donations and giving out raffle tickets for dinner.

May 21 - The spaghetti dinner has traditionally been weeks before the Relay for Life, but this year it was the weekend after the Relay, so they were able to collect the luminaries that were around the track that had been placed for {Great}Grandpa and have them on the tables at the dinner.

May 21 - M and David talking about the memorial garden.

May 21 - The great grandchildren gathered together to sing happy birthday to {Great}Grandma - her birthday was the day after the dinner this year.

May 21 - Uncle Ronnie re-lighting {Great}Grandma's birthday candle.

May 21 - All the great grandchildren together for a picture. {Great}Grandma did join them, but I didn't get a good picture with her in it.

May 21 - The grandchildren, minus the Marines.

May 21 - Eden with {Great}Grandma and half of Grandpa.

May 21 - I caught Aunt Angela trying to take a picture of her and Eden in the mirror in the bathroom, so I took one for her as they were coming out. I'm going to assume that these are the looks of surprise!

May 21 - Aunt Jeanine kissing on Priscilla as she's reading a letter from Jacob.

May 21 - Blythe, Jacob's girlfriend, reading a letter from him.

May 22 - Eden and Daddy were excited to be reunited when we got home on Sunday. 

May 23 - I brought some of Louisiana home with us so Lane could enjoy!

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