Thursday, May 19, 2011


*~...A Story Told With Pictures...~*
May 8  - Talking over our Mother's Day cinnamon roll for breakfast. De-lish!

May 8 - Mother's Day morning.

May 9 - Daddy's doing a good job watching Eden!

May 9 - Yep, that's my the garage! We finally got all the boxes out and cleared out enough stuff so the car fits in the garage! Lane knows how to make me happy {even if I did have to do most of the work}

May 10 - Eden and I visited the aquarium with some of our friends. Eden was a little unsure of the dolphins during the show, but liked them when she could look at them through the glass.

May 11 - Eden is loving blocks. Stacking things is one of her newest tricks.

May 12 - The first rain we've had since moving to Texas, hail included!

May 13 - Lane found a Momma Possum in the back yard giving birth to this little guy {or girl}. We thought she had passed away, however, upon further research we learned that she was just "playing possum" and she still had more babies to give birth to {after pest control heartlessly placed her into a garbage bag - I cried}.

May 14 - Excited to be playing with her rice bucket!

May 14

May 14 - Though this may look like a rat tail to some, to me, it is Eden's first curl! Her hair is finally starting to grow out! YAY!

May 14 - Eden scooping out some rice.

May 14 - Happy Birthday Dance? Nope, he's dancing to the new game that he got to go with his new xbox 360 {that he got from his awesome wife for his birthday}.

May 14 - I just had to post this one because I love that smile!

May 15 - I signed up to be a Bible Leader at VBS at our church this summer. I'm excited to be able to do VBS again!

May 16 - We were flying places {from our living room} and I got to be the co-pilot!

May 17 - The plane that is flying over our house. Eden loves these things. She's now started saying "pane" when she hears them.

May 18 - The frames I have to go over our TV. I {once again} used decals, but this time it was much easier - I just had to put them on the glass of the frame and call it a day. I've seen something similar, but it cost me much less to do it myself!

May 18 - This mirror isn't 100% put together, so its sitting on the floor in the kitchen and Eden loves to talk to the baby in the mirror. She also gives her kisses. She's such a sweet girl.

May 18 - Talking to the "other baby."

May 18 - Quite possibly my favorite of the bunch! You can just see the excitement on her face.
May 19 - On our way home from the grocery store I asked Eden if she could smile and this is what I got!

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