Monday, May 9, 2011


In the last week I've started doing some soul searching {in case you didn't notice}. Last night I came to a realization...I hate to clean. Ok, I already knew that {and so does my mom! All those times she ever asked me to clean my room...oh Mom, I'm sorry!} but I have come to learn why I dislike cleaning so much.

You only clean to get things dirty again. There you have it! Cleaning is a joke...I can say this because I'm sitting here with a basket of clean laundry sitting next to me and a dirty kitchen too. By the way, these are my 2 least favorite chores to do. The only reason to clean the kitchen is so you can get it dirty again. The same goes with laundry, you only wash and fold laundry so that you can wear it again and get it dirty...

I guess the kitchen is calling my name. I have to get it clean so we can eat dinner tonight {and so that I can clean it again after I cook and eat...}!

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  1. Oh I hate to clean too! Wait till Eden is a two year old leaving a trail of mess everywhere she goes! ha ha!