Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 4 - I was just playing with the camera {again} on the night setting out on our walk one evening. I love that it takes such beautiful pictures! I moved a little bit while taking this one, but other than that, it's fabulous!

May 4

May 5 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! We celebrated in true American style - fajitas and margaritas {from a box!} Stay classy...

May 6 - One day Daddy will learn that you don't leave food behind, for the child will find it! She must have seen me reading my friends blog the other day. Her friend just did this too! And it wasn't just any food, it was also a chip bag.

May 6 - Oh yeah, she tried to smile for the camera!

May 6 - What a hog. I guess its a good thing that they're baked...?

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