Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

April 28 - The look of adoration. I love the way she looks at her Daddy.

April 28 - Reminding Daddy {after being reminded BY Daddy} that we don't eat crayons, they're for coloring.

April 28 - She's into giving kisses these days. They're my favorite!

April 28 - The corner across the street from our house at sunset.

April 28 - Our walk this evening was beautiful.

April 28 - We were just playing around with some of the auto settings on the camera.

April 29 - Such a good eater {if it isn't green!}

April 29 - Spaghetti Pie for dinner!!! mmmmm...She's learning to use her utensils when she eats. At times she does get frustrated, but who can blame her, stabbing your food with a fork isn't easy!

April 30 - Sweet Girl.

April 30 - Loving on Nugget. She's starting to learn the dogs' names' and I think its cute that she doesn't always call them "dog" anymore.

April 30 - Such a big girl.

April 30 - She was driving us somewhere - no one knew where to though.

April 30 - Roaming the playground.

April 30 - Eden as a Hooks player

April 30 - Eden got to walk around the row we sat in towards the end of the game because there was no way out and we were the only people in our row.

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