Thursday, May 5, 2011


May 1 - Lane hitting the books.

May 1 - "Terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden is dead." Yes, that is a picture of my tv...

May 2 - Ginger and Eden weren't getting along this morning. Ginger was being very posessive about her bowl, but Eden wanted to pick it up, stack it with Nugget's bowl, and put them away {like she sees me do every morning.}

May 2 - There she goes, but Ginger isn't too happy about it.

May 2 - Eventually Eden thought they were playing a game of tug with the bowl. Hey, with molars coming in this week, whatever makes her happy!

May 2 - Eden loves bubbles {she asks for them all the time} even if she doens't know that they stick in her hair. "Bubble" is one of the multiple syllable words that she says with clarity.

May 2 - Looking at the bubbles in the air. {I, however, am just going goo goo over the length of her eye lashes!}

May 2 - Upside down again! She's finally discovered that if she looks between her legs, she can see what's "behind" her.

May 2 - She wanted to blow the bubbles too...little does she know, she's got it backwards!

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