Saturday, May 7, 2011

Splish Splash!

Eden had her first swim class today. I feel like it was nothing more than what Lane and I could have taught her in the bathtub, but it was a swim class for parents and children.

Even though today was her day, her lesson, it was a big day for me too. I wore a 2-piece bathing suit! I know, I know, I was probably "that mom" but I don't care. I look better than before I was pregnant and I wanted to do it. I've worked hard, and it isn't like I went out there wearing nothing. I will admit, I was nervous. I don't know why, but I was! I haven't worn a 2-piece since summer of 2008. Yep, in 2009 I got pregnant and didn't sport the bikini that summer, and then 2010...well...I had just had a baby and let's face it, no one wanted to see that stomach in a 2-piece {it had just been stretched out in order to house an almost 7 pound baby!}

The class ended up being a private class for just Eden and myself {with our own personal photographer - thanks Daddy!}, so it was a little awkward since the instructor never introduced himself and seemed to have no desire to be there. Oh well, Eden and I had fun, and she's still not afraid of water, so that's a good thing! She knows the prompt "kick" and we're introducing her to the idea of floating and going all the way under the water.

I think she might have been a little bit confused because the water was as warm as her bath tub. Why on earth would we put her in the "bath" with clothes on?!

Floating on her back. This was an improvement because she won't let us do this in the bath and she didn't let me do it the other day when we were at the pool.

Trying {unsuccessfully} to get her to blow bubbles. She didn't care that her face was in the water, but she also wouldn't blow into the water.

Kicking, another task that she didn't care to do {unless she was sitting on the edge of the pool "splashing"}

She loved floating today.

Getting ready to go under the water again...


Yay! Wipe your eyes!!! Good job Eden!

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